Charbhuja Engineering Works is having significant presence in are of manufacture the Electromegnetic Clutches and Cluth-Break Combination for Packing Machine, Filling Machine, Cut or Length Machine, Indexing Machine, Forwarding and Reversing Machine, Copy Lathe ,SPM, Auto Labeling Machine, Seam Welding machine, Textiles Machine, Botting Plant Machine, Two Speed Drive, Material Handling, Equipment, Paper Cone & Tube Making Machinery &Pipe Making Machinery etc.

The company has it full fledged workshop in the Jamar Kotra Road,Kanpur,Udaipur.The workshop is fully equipped with uptodate technology & managed by experienced technical staff with latest know-how.

The efficient and timely after & services are provide and the spare part are made available as and when required by our esteemed customers. We at the Charbhuja engineering work welcome your valued inquiries regarding any of the Electromegnetic Clutch & Brake Combination, we assure promot responce & Best services /attention at all time. Doveloped the all type of products for a customer requirements.

Our Products

Bearing Mounted Electromagnetic Clutch

Clutch Brake Combination Double Shaft


Electromagnetic Clutches Clutch-Brake-Combination

EM Clu

Mechanical Clutches Brakes